Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring Knitting - Ooops!

Most of us are soooooooo ready for spring, so, of course, I need to do some spring knitting.
I ordered this yarn from Loopy Ewe and waited to see if the yarn would come directly to me or travel around the country first [like the yarn I ordered from Craftsy].  This yarn arrived in two days via USPS--no side trips at all.  This yarn is from their Seasonings line, perfectly titled Spring Blooms.  I've started casting on...and then...I remembered that I want to make toes, heels, and probably cuffs from the 100 yard skein of pink.  Okay, now I get to rip out and start over--and because I'm getting sidetracked with this project, I'm also still trying to decide what to do for the next border of the Jenny Doan Flower Garden Quilt.

I arrived home in time to watch NBC Evening news Tuesday night and was delighted to see the lovely story about the Missouri Star Quilt Company and how the hard work of this one family has transformed their little town of Hamilton, MO.  This family and their employees are such a wonderful example of hard work and dedication paying off--and of people who remain "real" instead of letting success go to their heads.

Weather report:  We are absolutely thrilled to be getting a tiny bit of rain!  Of course, it's not enough to be measured even in hundredths of inches--but it's enough to be sorely appreciated!

Happy quiltmaking, happy knitting.......
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