Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Couple New Designs

Thought I'd post a couple of pictures from the two nights of storms we experienced in five days--but the camera wasn't where I thought it was.'s a picture of the plan for Alex's Star Song quilt--I didn't finish it until I arrived at the cabin, and now I have a shortage of music notes fabric.  We bought some irregular black on white polka dots to supplement it, but I may wait until we get to a quilt shop.  Hmmmm....thinking about that.
I used the same plan with a few blocks shifted and moved for the Butternut & Blue quilt--but so far, I have only one block for that one completed.
I did finish quilting the Tea & Roses quilt--but don't yet have a picture.
I did deliver the Field of Tulips--but the photos were horrible!

Okay, I admit to being pretty lazy on this vacation.  Of course, with a couple of days with the electric power out for over seven hours, lazy was well reinforced!  Having fun anyway!  (I snatched some library time while the girls are at the new movie that I didn't want to see.)  Think I'll try to read a few blogs too!

Happy quilmtaking........

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mini [not!] spools of Glide Thread

For all of you home quilters who have hesitated to try Fil-Tec Glide thread because you had concerns about buying 5000 yard spools, some of the Glide colors are now available on 1000 yard "mini" spools.

You can order them directly from bobbincentral (Fil-Tec's website).

Sorry for the mess in the background of the picture above--it was taken during one of our Victory Quilting days--so those are not 1000 yard mini spools since they hadn't yet been introduced.

 For those of us who love using bits of many colors on our quilts, this will be a real boon. This thread really does glide through our sewing machines--and provides a bit of shine in really luscious colors.
Of course, quilting is my favorite part of the quilt.

My only connection with this company is that I send them my money, and they send me thread.

Monday, June 7, 2010

EQ7 - On its way!

Yippee!  Just got a notice that EQ7 is on its way!  I'm really, really hoping they sent it via USPS and that it will be here soon.  However, I've also heard they're sending them via UPS--meaning shipment could take a very long time!

Okay, back to dreaming more quilts!
Here's Judy's Soda Pop Dreams--so named because the colors reminded me of all those bottled fruit-flavored soda pops--from back in the days when we had no idea what was in them.  Finished it over a week ago but didn't get it posted.

That's because I was busy with something I used to do a lot more of: home deco sewing.
I finally forced myself to make covers for the ottomans that I bought a couple of years ago, at least!  The hope was that they would provide some extra seating when needed in my tiny cottage and with a tray on top could also serve as a coffee table.  The tray wasn't where I thought I'd put it, but it will be on the ottomans soon.
Uh-oh, now you want to see the quilt on the wall, don't you?  Okay.

 I need to take a better photo that shows its true colors.  This was from a class that I took with my quilt guild in AZ 15 years ago--and I still love the colors.

Happy quilting as you wait for EQ7!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grrrrrrr! I'm Angry!

When Daphne Grieg brought her quilts into the U.S. for Quilt Market in Minneapolis, a U.S. custom agent was afraid she would sell them, so she was forced to write "Sample" on her quilts with a marker the agent required her to use, thus defacing her quilts!!
I am absolutely appalled!
You can read about it on her blog post here:

I hope there is some way for her to file a claim against our government.
Sorry, no pictures with this post; but you can see her defaced quilts in her post.
I am beyond saddened that a bureaucrat in our government was allowed to do this!
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