Sunday, January 3, 2010

At Last - A Post!

I've finished several quilts and am posting a picture of a prayer quilt I made for my brother.

I know he loves fishing, but it was impossible to find any nice fish fabrics. Therefore, I used a fabric featuring birds and fruits--at least it's outdoorsy. Except for the first pictures, they are of the unquilted top. I spent over a half hour working on this and was able to succeed in uploading only these few photos, so the rest will have to wait for a later post--hopefully, soon!

Tomorrow I have to head back to school for a day of professional development that may well be neither! I dread going back to two hours a day of commuting (sometimes more), getting up before the cold dawn arrives, etc.--all the while knowing I am so fortunate to have a fairly secure job with full benefits. Winter invariably seems so very, very long despite the fact that most days we get at least a few minutes of sunshine!

I'll hope it will be easier to upload the photos for the next post. Hope everyone has a lovely, prosperous new year!

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