Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Post surgery

I'm enjoying this view from what may become my favorite chair for a while.

Flowers on the left from the special ed staff at my new school, flowers on the right from my daughter, her friend, and his parents.  Journal for recording the things I'm going to forget otherwise.  And the lovely prayer quilt that's already bringing blessings.

We did not get the DaVinci robot, which was a blessing since the tumor was wrapped around the ureter and required more extensive surgery than predicted.  We still don't know what kind of cancer and won't for a while, so we can't make a treatment plan yet.

My hospitalization was filled with blessings from start to finish. I thought I knew what "peace that passes understanding" is and what it feels like.  I'm astounded by how much more/better/blessed it really is.

Absolutely everyone I came in contact with proved to be a blessing.  However, I will exclude the woman who phoned today and asked by name to speak to my mother.  When one is recovering from surgery and one's brain is at the height of malfunctioning that the pain drug creates, having someone ask to speak to one's deceased mother, giving limited information as if I had done something wrong, etc., can be very disconcerting.  I still wonder where the caller's head was.

The pain medication is doing a good job, but about one hour into the dose, my brain isn't--but then my brain clears and the pain is still under control.

Blessings, everyone,
and happy knitting and quilting.....
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