Saturday, October 29, 2016

Why It's an Insult to Offer $100 for a Quilt

 Center panel....

with coordinating fabrics...over $100 already.
Still to go...undoubtedly a few more fabrics, a coordinating backing for the quilt, batting,  thread....
and when finished it will be big enough to use while watching TV but not big enough for a bed.
Shall we count the hours it takes to make it?

I'm not being grouchy.  I'm just pointing out that we need to respect the investment quiltmakers have in fabric, design, supplies, time, talent, skills, and creativity.

Happy quiltmaking, knitting, and handcrafting,....

P.S.: In response to those who have asked, I've decided to post my progress on this quilt as I go along.  I'd like to have it finished by the end of November.  That means that instead of working on multiple projects, I'll try to focus on this one.  That means if you know a family getting a handmade quilt for Christmas or a birthday, you can direct them to these posts so they will have some idea just what is involved in making such a precious, albeit often unappreciated, gift.

Also  in response to those who have asked, yes, you may share a link to this post on your blog or on Facebook.

While people balk at the idea of paying $25 per hour, there are quite a few quiltmakers charging even more--and rightly so.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Another Part of Autumn Inspiration

As I was thinking about the fabrics I've been piecing, I was reflecting on the autumn quilt I made a couple of years ago for my childhood friend Pat Orr's husband as he awaited a transplant.  It contained a variation of the Maddie-and-Isabella-inspired colors, but I never posted about the finished quilt.

I had just gotten my Nolting longarm when I quilted it--and the quilting reflects that.  It speaks fall to me since it reflects my youth on the farm near El Paso, Illinois.  I realized I had purchased the fabric in 2010 and not used it until Pat's husband needed a prayer quilt.  He went home to be with the Lord before he was able to receive the transplant but not before he had some time with the quilt. In fact, it was the urgency of getting it to him that prevented me from taking more pictures and posting about it.

I have enough fabric panels to make another quilt, and hope to make it soon.  Ahhh, so much inspiration, so many fabrics, so many quilt designs in my head and in EQ7....and so little sewing and quilting time!  At least I'm in good company!

Happy creating,.....

Friday, October 7, 2016

Autumn's Song

I'm still squeezing in time for quiltmaking, knitting, tatting, etc. between therapies for my knee and teaching full time, although that would be difficult to discern from my blog posts.

Yesterday, in addition to physical therapy, I made a quick run to Busy Bee Quiltshop at Edgewood, NM to add some oranges to my supply for autumn quilt blocks. This may be somewhat shocking since I absolutely do not like orange (except in my juice glass and a few other things).

Over the last several weeks my sweet students Maddie and Isabella have worn a some very distinctive clothing in these colors to school. (Isabella even has a pair of amazing heliotrope shoes.)

So, I had to come home and piece some blocks in honor of autumn.  The little quilt below was made mostly from stash.  Some of you may recognize one of Jinny Beyer's Palette  fuchsia blenders, from the late 1980s, I believe.  It's one of those fabrics I treasure and occasionally add to a quilt.
 I have a good friend with a birthday later this month, so I need to get the binding on this so she can use it to celebrate autumn.

 This was so much fun to piece and quilt!  However, since my happy heart has not yet had enough of these blocks, I've revised it as shown above in the second photo. I'm thinking of making another revision as well.

 The border is adorned with happy feathers and vines, and the next little quilts are expected to receive the same kind of border treatment.

I'm still carrying my tatting with me for when I get stuck in other people's time warps, and since I started a sweater, via Myra Wood's Craftsy class, The Perfect Fit Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan,
 I usually have some knitting with me.  I seem to get caught in those other-people's-time-warps whenever I leave my knitting or tatting at home!

My daughter has decided to pursue her master's degree in materials science and engineering with an emphasis in metallurgy.  Nineteen years ago today I was in China, frustrated by the things my agency had decided I must see and do before I could actually meet her and hold her in my arms.  She has come far in countless ways.  I admire her determination, her intelligence, and, most of all, her fine character and inner beauty.  In many ways she is a Phoenix. She's beautiful on the outside, but it's the inner beauty that is the blessing she brings to the world.

Happy quilting, knitting, and creating,..
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