Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Quilting

No, I didn't finish knitting the colorful socks; I still haven't finished the gauge swatch for my shrug.
My college girl was home for the weekend.  She slept and shopped and attended church services with me and helped me baste two prayer quilts.
 I'm quilting this on my Necchi BU treadle.  That little white thing is a piece of rubberized shelf liner--because I like a little traction, but don't like gloves.
 We had an in-service day at school today, and I had CPR training.  So starting an hour earlier than usual meant I was able to come home earlier than usual, and I worked on this spring quilt.
 On these two fabrics I used a pale lavender glide thread that is working on both the asters and the pink fabric.

 Except for the aster fabrics and the off-white print, this fabric is from a Dogwood Trail (I think) line from several years ago that was purchased by my friend Mary, who gave it to me with the suggestion that it should become a special quilt for our friend Ruth, who loves flowers and is growing frail.  It's getting closer to a finish.

My daughter said, "We need an Easter picture," so we handed the camera to a friend.  (I do think it's so interesting that when we ask someone to take a picture, we often look as if we are 25 feet away.)  College girl hugged me this weekend and then said, "Oh, my!  I think I've grown!"  Well, I certainly hope I haven't shrunk! Her semester is over in three weeks, and then she'll be coming home for a few weeks.  She's planning to take some math and physics courses at CNM in Albuquerque.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with family and friends.

 Happy quiltmaking and knitting,.....

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Still Around; Knitting & Quilting

I'm shocked that I've gone missing for so long.  I took a few pictures but didn't get them downloaded to my computer or uploaded to my blog.

I've pieced two quilts and quilted these:

 All four are prayer quilts.  I'll try to post more photos of them later.  All four of these are prayer quilts Judy pieced and layered for our ministry.

I was trying to focus on knitting because I wanted these socks finished by Easter.  Hopefully, I will still manage that.

I also joined Marly Bird's April Knit along but I'm still working with the gauge swatch.  She used size 5 needles--clearly would have been waaaaay too big.  I'm now trying it on size three.  I'm not making very good progress.

I have been watching lots of quilting videos while quilting.  I did something that I didn't think I'd ever do.  The treadle I use the most (a Necchi BU in 1919 Singer treadle irons) re-oriented itself so that I can see the new TV I placed in our living room.  I really thought I'd never again allow a TV in our living room, but here it is.  And I must say that I love the fact that I can acquire more education while I'm quilting!  I also ran across an inside TV antenna that actually works--and for far more channels than I really want to watch anyway.

School is keeping me very busy; still have more IEPs to complete in the next few weeks. Spring break went by in a flash (back in March), and it's quite possible the next few weeks will march by only slightly more slowly.  We have some trees in bloom, and when I tried to pull a few weeds in the yard today after church, I found one tiny tulip in bloom.  We are having high winds with promises of rain, but the moisture may miss us. Soooooo, day at a time.

Happy quiltmaking and knitting,....

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