Friday, October 18, 2013

Knitting Progress This Week

In my mind, I spend hours and hours knitting each week.  But this is all the knitting I have to show for this week.  Of course,   I've knit for hours in my dreams.  And I've probably spent too much time on looking for more ideas for additional sections in Sweet Teen's legwarmers.  I'd like her to have these before it gets too cold--not sure that will happen since it's already dipped into the mid 20's here at night.  Furthermore, yesterday lots of us in my little town scraped a lot of ice off our cars--ice that we expected to arrive as rain or snow.

I accomplished a lot at school this week, and most of us had the opportunity to chat with many, many great parents of great kids.

I also walked into Costco and got a great buy on a new laptop--I'm hoping my old one stays alive until I learn Windows 8  and get a lot of files saved.                                                                                                                       
 Sweet  Teen  is enjoying  Homecoming Weekend at her university. My plans include our Victory Prayer Quilt group   as well as a potluck and Pet Blessing Service. 
Happy quiltmaking...and knitting,...

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Little Bits of Progress

Little bits of progress on the knitting front.
The Meadow Blossom shawl is finished--not blocked, but finished.  The Sweet Latte socks have acquired a few new rows.  And after quite a few gauge swatches, I began a pair of leg warmers for the College Girl. I just cannot settle on one pattern, so they're going to be more like samplers!

I confess that I've spent maybe ten minutes quilting--that's all.  I do look at fabric or a quilt or a sewing machine every time I that's better than ignoring it all. Our Victory Prayer Quilt group will meet next Saturday.

I've made several trips to and from Socorro, NM.  Last week College Girl went to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta with some friends from computer science and asked if I'd mind picking her up from the mall afterwards--so, of course, I agreed.

I had this past Friday off for Fall Break, so she asked me to drive down and get her.  Saturday morning we filled the car with gas and took off for Amarillo and explored the antique shops on Sixth Street.  Of course, we also went to the mall afterward, kind of mandatory with a teenager.  When I asked her what her favorite part of the day was, I expected her to reply with something like, "The gelato at Cowboy Gelato," [where we ate lunch].  Instead, she said, "Just spending time with you."  Aaaaah, she *is* sweet!

We're thinking that we'd like to go back to Amarillo and stay overnight so we could have a couple of days--and visit Canyon antique shops too---although it's very disconcerting to find things from my childhood and early adult life that are valued and sold in antique stores, even if they don't truly meet the standard for vintage and certainly aren't antique.

Today I took her back to NM Tech; it's homecoming week, so I hope she has plenty of fun along with her studying.

I'm in awe of the fact that I've driven close to a thousands miles this weekend--and am grateful for my economical car and the relatively good gas prices.  We did have a lot of fun!

Happy quiltmaking...and knitting, too.....
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