Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shopping Results and A Welcome Sign of Spring

These are one of the pay-offs of today's shopping. I splurged on King Arthur 100% whole wheat flour and mixed up a batch of whole wheat rolls--they're dark because I used a bit of black strap molasses as the sweetener. I needed to make the rolls because we also splurged on crab cakes, something our local Smith's store usually carries only at this time of year.

This bedraggled little specimen is the pansy that has clung to life all winter, putting out new, tiny sets of leaves whenever the weather has been warm enough to allow it to do so.
Alexandra wanted to plant some things in the planter. I asked her to be careful of that brave little pansy. I hope she didn't bruise it too badly. It looked a lot healthier this morning.

The real signs of spring are these tulip leaves poking their tips up through the soil in several planters. They didn't bloom last year. Maybe they'll manage this year.
They could still be frozen before they have a chance to bloom. We expect a low of only 25 F. tonight--and, according to our notoriously erroneous forecasts, a high of 76 F. tomorrow. I don't know how all our recent unseasonably warm weather is going to effect our bulbs. In the past, we've had snow as late as May 8, so it's touch and go.
We've also had precious little moisture this winter. We know that with or without moisture, we will still have many, many days of wind. (I just didn't take pictures of the most recent tumbleweed blessings.) With so little moisture, there's no point in even attempting to break soil that's not in a planter. Alex and I do need to go get a few more planters, however.

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