Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New OSM (Old Sewing Machine)

This is the Old Sewing Machine that came home with me today. Actually, it's not all that old--1951. One of my friends purchased it ten years later in Palo Alto, CA (she was a student at Stanford) to make her wedding dress.

It has a striated face plate with the tension control on the rear.
It has the electrical posts for the same kind of plug and footcontrol as my Featherweight, but the power cord that goes to the outlet is missing, so I'm not sure what it looks like.

It has a cord going from the motor down through the plate on the right to the foot control.

The cord to the foot control is worn through where it enters the button-type foot control, so I don't feel I can plug it in, and I'm not sure if just binding it with electrical tape would make it safe enough. (At the moment, it's a moot point since I do not have the cord that goes from the machine to the electrical outlet.)

Here's a view from the top of the machine that shows the motor and where it's screwed onto the machine.

There is no belt. My friends said the gears were directly driven by the motor. I do not know how this affects the fact that I'd like to convert it to a treadle.

Anyway, there is a lot more I'd like to learn about this machine, and I welcome comments.


PatchworkRose said...

Hi Dora
Your Singer is a model 15 and was one of the better machines Singer made. As you said the motor is a direct gear drive therfore no belt. Normally the foot control would be identical to your featherweight with a plug one end that goes into the power point and then the lead goes into the plug on the machine and out the other side to the foot control. Cheers
Rob Sanders

NeedNthread said...

Hello Dora, I happened upon your BLOG, doing research for my Model 15-90 japanese clone. Which is belt drive. In reviewing your Model 15 post I saw that you needed a singer power cord for your machine. Believe it or not I have a singer power cord that should work, but it will need to be rewired. It has the original ends but the insulation is crumbling off the wire. I can be contacted at, let me know.

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