Saturday, May 22, 2010

We Have a Treadle Quilt and Embroidery Group

Okay, we have a Treadle Quilting group.  Actually it includes people who use treadles, hand cranks, and even e-powered vintage machines for free-motion embroidery as well as for piecing and quilting.
I've issued invitations to people who have provided their e-mail addresses and have asked to be part of the group.  It's okay to e-mail me to ask to join the group so that you don't have to worry about putting your e-mail address in the comments--if you do choose to take that risk, please, for your own protection, use "at" separating your address rather than the symbol.  (There are programs that go searching for e-mail addresses by looking for the symbol, and none of us needs more spam, and certainly not of the less than savory kind.)

I'm going to be doing some more piecing on my Singer 66 Redhead treadle this evening, knowing full well that the swish of the treadle will not drown out the sound of our howling winds.

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