Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend Piecing

Here's a new flimsie.  I thought it would be done Friday night, but I didn't finish it until tonight.  It's 46 X 56, and I need to find some fabric for backing and then will need to piece some more fabric into it  (why do most little quilts exceed 40 inches by just enough to need more backing?)
Close ups:
These are leftovers from a jelly-roll and yardage of Charisma that I purchased a couple of years ago to make a quilt for a long-time friend. I still have a few pieced blocks, some 2.5 inch strips, and a bit of yardage, so I can make another small quilt if I can find some vanilla-ish fabric to go with it. I wanted some high contrast in this one so I used a white on white I've had for more than 15 years--I'd thought I would use a white solid, but when I found the white on white, I thought it would add more character and would still let the quilting show up even if I choose white thread.
I'm thinking I'll use some boards from my hand quilting days to use Sharon Schamber's method for layering the quilt.
However, since this weekend I found some fabrics I'd marked for quilting in a class I was teaching over 20 years ago.  I think the heart wreath I had marked will adapt for machine quilting just fine, so I want to piece some more fabrics around the square and then layer it again.
Sure wish I could figure out a way to spend more time quiltmaking while I'm earning a living and insurance!  Our next school holiday is six or seven weeks away.  Sun is already rising too late and setting too soon to suit me.

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Pokey said...

I love that you are using up stuff you already have, & using WOW usually adds textural interest.
I hope your quilting plans come together this weekend. You and I are feeling the same thing, I think. I meet my kiddos for this school year tomorrow, and the first 3 weeks are always so tiring. Praise God, we have jobs, and they are something we love to do! :-}pokey

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