Friday, November 19, 2010

Sock Advice?

I'm hoping a blog reader has experience with socks made from a yarn like this one.
This is Knitpicks Gloss Fingering yarn.  It's 70% merino wool and 30% silk.  It comes in absolutely beautiful colors.  No nylon; I usually look for yarn that has a bit of nylon so it will maintain its shape. So, I'm hoping someone has experience using a combination of fibers like this and can let me know how well it works for socks. Does it hold its shape through a day of wear?  Are they still comfortable at the end of a day?  Do they wear well or wear out quickly?

Yes, winter is on its way--we may have snow over the weekend or by the beginning of the week.  I'm not much of a winter person.  I love looking at snowy landscapes, but I hate driving on snowy or icy roads--kind of a big deal with a 135+ mile commute.  (Of course, if I worked really close to home and/or could just stay home and bake cookies, make quilts, and knit, I'd probably like winter a lot better!)


Dolly said...

Hello,'re blessed tonight, because I can help you once again !

I made this pair of socks

out of a skein of KnitPick's Gloss fingering yarn that I bought undyed and colored myself with several packets of lemonade ! They wear just like my other socks with and without the nylon, and I have had no trouble with them. It wasn't my favorite yarn while I was working with it......I don't think it's as soft as some of the other yarns I've used,......but the socks wear just great.

Hope this helps ! I wish I could get myself back into a sock-knitting groove.......I still have several nice skeins of yarn.

Deborah said...

If you like wool and nylon, you should like wool and silk just as well. Nylon is added to sock yarn for wear/strength. Silk would add that wear/strength and is much prettier than nylon. While I've never used this particular yarn, I've used many wool/silk blends for handknit socks and love them. The only problem I've had with Knit Picks yarn in general is that is seems to have less twist than other sock yarns and pills easier in the finished product.

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