Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Quilt Finished!

I am so happy that I've finished the baby quilt before the arrival of the baby!
 I did have to go back and hand sew places I missed on the back of the binding.....oh, well......
I decided to name it Orleans Baroque.  The print is a Hoffman fabric named Windsor--I'm pretty sure I purchased it in 2000.  I think it looks a lot more French than English.

 The rest of the photos are of the back--because the quilting doesn't show up very well on the photos of the front.

It's been laundered in baby soap and will be ready to send off as soon as I find my Pigma pen, sign it, heat set the ink, and get it put into the envelope for mailing.  I'm thinking I'll send it to the baby's grandpa since I have his address, and the mommy-to-be just moved, and I don't have her address.

You can click on any photo to open a larger version of the photo (or right-click and open a photo in a new tab or window).

I'm not sure if the next quilt will be the Blossoms in the Snow or, preferably if I can get un-stuck, the purple feathered stars, etc.

In any case, Orleans Baroque is my first finish of the New Year.


Val said...

OH this is so beautiful. I love it.

Dolly said...

Great job !
Do you just take off quilting feathers wherever the mood strikes or is there a specific design that I can't make out from the pictures?
It just boggles my mind to try it without planning where they'll be.
This is one sweet baby quilt......shoot, it's fit to lounge on a couch in her first apartment someday !

Pokey said...

It is so beautiful, between the colors and your cool stack design, I think it would be a great grown up quilt, too!

yarndiva said...

That is an amazing quilt!!!! I too like the idea that is a crib quilt but will grow with the child. I am inspired.

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