Saturday, October 8, 2011

Goodies - Yarn, Etc. & A Question

We awoke this morning to snow on the mountains around us.  Most of it was gone by early afternoon.  However, coupled with the low temperatures and cloudy skies the last couple of days, it's a reminder that winter is on its way--as was the fact that it was just so cold in the house that I had to turn on the furnace.  I'm dreading the winter utility bills!
here are the goodies to which I succumbed!
 Plymouth Happy Feet sock yarn in watery colors.
Below, a magazine splurge.  Two romantic decor magazines and two quilting magazines.
Who knows if I'll ever make any of the quilts in the magazines, but they'll inspire my quilts anyway.

And the beautiful photos in Romantic Country and Romantic Homes will warm my senses and my heart as we head into winter.  Yes, it's obvious I'm not a winter person--although I might be if I could play in it and not have to drive so many miles in it each day.

Are you aware Wal-mart no longer discounts magazines (and the prices have gone up on almost everything else they carry)?  Okay, now I won't have to feel guilty when I splurge on a magazine at Smith's/Kroger's because at least I'll be earning points toward lower prices on gas.

The double nine-patch quilt in the above photos is one I made in the late 80's and early 90's before I started machine quilting.  Although I pieced it in Tennessee, the quilt brings back a lot of happy memories of an old house on Hill Street in Gallup with wonderful big windows.  I quilted in the dining room, where we still had room for a dining table.  The house had beautiful light maple floors;  I'd love to have light maple floors again!

I'm curious......Do you choose the quilts you're using according to the season?  Do you change to darker colors in the fall and/or winter?  Do  you stick with light colors in the winter to ward off the darkness of shorter daylight?  Do you stick to your favorite colors year round regardless of the season?

I quilted for a few minutes on a prayer quilt this morning--just a few minutes.

Happy quilting to all who manage time to quilt!.....


Pokey said...

I love quilt mags, and am tempted every new one that comes out! The quilting one (underneath) with the pretty red quilt on the front has that one calling my name, and also the one called "Mourning Glory". Yep, I find inspiration, too ~

yarndiva said...

I have chosen batting the season in mind - thicker for winter and a light one for summer. Colors, not yet. Socks are my favorite thing to knit - those will be quite nice with that yarn.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I like to go with the seasons when I get to quilt. I also usually let the fabric do the talking...fabric chooses the pattern, instead of pattern chooses the fabric.

Dora, the Quilter said...

Letting the fabric dictate the quilt is how I got into so much stash trouble! (Well, that and the fact that when I started quilting, 100% cotton fabrics were hard to find!) However, I totally understand fabric crying out to be in a quilt. Just wish I could quilt as fast as my mind works!

Anonymous said...

I have a halloween and a christmas quilt. I used to try to rotate other quilts with the seasons, but the kids just cart them off to their rooms. It is about 70-30 if the fabrics choose the pattern or the pattern chooses the fabric.
What do you use for batting? I've only used warm and natural, but would like a thicker batting for some of the quilts.

Dora, the Quilter said...

I've used lots of different battings over the years (decades). For a thick one I like Warm 'n' Natural, but have also used Hobbs (although sometimes their battings aren't very clean). At this point if I wanted a warmer one, I'd consider a wool one or a wool blend.
Since the quilting is my favorite part, my favorite battings are Quilter's Dream Request and Mountain Mist Lily--which are both quite thin. (The latter shrinks more.)

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