Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunrise, Sunset - More Progress

 Countless hours of stitching.

I still need to go back and stitch some missed grid lines.

I wanted grid lines across the chains because that's the way the previous quilts were hand quilted.
I have to admit that I'm not sure I would quilt this grid again-- so very many starts and stops.

I love the border, but it took over 3.5 hours to quilt.

I'm soooo looking forward to having this done--it's been a really long haul, and with so little energy by the time I get home from work, it's just not gone very quickly.

However, I'm so happy with how beautiful it is.  It captures beautiful dawns and sunsets in the Southwest so very well.

Next decision: binding totally by machine or with the back of the binding sewn by hand?

Happy quiltmaking....


Gene Black said...

If you are doing the grid on a domestic machine, what I do is just go "outside" what will be the finished edge and travel to the next line. No starting and stopping each time. Plus the stitches go opposite directions so the fabric shifts less.

MQuilter said...

Beautiful! I love the colors and the grid quilting with your pretty feather work.

Pokey said...

It looks nice, Dora!

Annemiek said...

This post did make me smile since I still do al my quilting by hand. 3,5 hours for those feathers??Oh I wish *lol*

Cheryl Warren said...

It is really beautiful. Hope you are enjoying your new job.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

It's looking really pretty. I keep trying to do all the binding by machine, but, so far it just doesn't come out well for me (personally). I know that some people do a great job with it.

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