Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fiber Arts Festival

 Today as well as tomorrow the Heart of New Mexico Fiber Festival is taking place in our little town.
It was cold and somewhat blustery when I ventured over there this morning--although I was told that it was even worse at the park last night.
 There were not a lot of producers and artisans in attendance.  That did make shopping a bit easier, but I do hope the festival grows by leaps and bounds in future years.  (Next weekend is our bit-more-famous Pinto Bean Festival, but the big Taos Wool Festival is next weekend.  And for competition the world famous Albuquerque Balloon Festival opens next weekend too.)  I doubt that I'll be able to go to the Taos Wool Festival, although I'd like to.

First picture featured both skeins of yarn that I purchased.  Second photo was a close-up of the lace weight.
Third picture is a close up of the sock yarn I purchased.  These were spun and dyed by Robin Pascal of Edgewood, NM.

There are quite a few batches of roving, both dyed and undyed, for sale  as well as some lovely yarn (but not sock yarn) from the Mora woolen mill--Tapetes de Lana.  Mora used to be the poorest county in New Mexico; now Torrance County is.  The woolen mill there now has 13 employees and has helped people move from welfare to paying jobs.  I'll try to post more about them later this week.

I hope y'all are getting to quilt or knit or something equally creative!  (Our jugband--we have only one jug, really--played and sang for a wedding this afternoon.  Fun!)

Happy quiltmaking,.....


Mara said...

I should have my mom go to the Wool Festival, do they also have felt wool, do you think?

Lynn said...

Oooooh, I LOVE those colors!!! I would just "pet" them forever!!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

Lovely , lovely yarn..just got back from a show as well...nothing like inspiration!! Sweet bow tie blocks from your swap too!!

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