Thursday, September 17, 2015

Blessed Quilts

Here are a few quilts that were blessed in August.

 We dedicated over 60 quilts, and they were layered so tightly that many are barely visible.

 They are so petty.

However, they are rapidly departing for new homes, although we had hoped we would have enough to last until after the first of the year.  For much of the summer I quilted so many that I lost count and didn't even get photos of all of them.

Since July I've had absolutely no time to quilt anything; I hope to change that this coming weekend, although our community is having the Pinto Bean Festival.

However, in the last week I've given one to my classmate Bob K., who is having back surgery; today I sent off three: one to Polly B. in Florida, wife of a classmate, who is in need of a diagnosis; one to Leah T. in Illinois who needs a diagnosis for heart issues and is hoping treatment will be non-invasive, and one to Robert J. in Illinois who has been suffering for six years with prostate cancer that is spreading. (Robert's wife is a former schoolmate.)

When we started our prayer quilt ministry, besides using our stash, our hope was that we would be able to make some small quilts that would prove a blessing to people with cancer.  We've expanded the ministry to include people facing serious health challenges.  While we frequently hear wonderful stories of healing and God's grace, I am constantly amazed at how much I am blessed by this work.  I hadn't even considered that possibility back when we started, and all the blessings just make my heart sing!

Happy quitmaking,......


Quilting Babcia said...

What a blessing you and your fellow quilters are to so many who are in need. Your gifts will be treasured for years by the many people who have been blessed by these beautiful reminders of God's love.

O'Quilts said...

Wow..You have been busy...I have not seen a post from you in forever...Guess I have missed them. Well I am glad you are busy and doing good things...carry on..

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