Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Serendipitous Quilt

Serendipitous because I wanted something quick and easy to piece.
So far, I have these:

They began when I saw Leann's post in my early morning feed last Saturday.
Her post linked to a Five Fat Quarter Fun post with a quilt from five fat quarters and three yards of background fabric. (Amber and Amanda have also posted their February Fun, a heart filled quilt, Chains of Love.)

I chose to start with this fat quarter, graciously gifted to me some time ago, but very unlike the fabrics chosen by Leann, Amanda, or Amber.

 I got busy cutting, sewing and pressing.
 Then real life and the work week intervened, although I tied to piece for a few minutes each day.  Hopefully, this weekend will see the rest of the assembly.

 I also want to share how much I love this SteamFast iron that I use in my tiny sewing room.  It heats rapidly and takes up very little space.
It fits comfortably in my palm, and I've been using it for at least eight years.

The updated version features the following and is on sale from Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day today:
2oz water tank, 3 minute heating time, 8' power cord, dual voltage, 1000 watts. steam burst option, continuous steam, 1 year warranty, easy fill measuring cup, travel bag, Lightweight - 1.32 lbs
While it does make a great travel iron for retreats, sewalongs, etc. it's a great purchase for the home sewing studio.  My older version heats in about a minute and a half!  And it has lasted a lot more than the year or less that is so common with full sized irons these days.

Some friends and I are going to go sing for some Alzheimer's residents this afternoon, so we'll see how much more piecing I can get done. (With a daily commute of 80 miles a day, I like not to drive that far on weekends, but a fellow singer volunteered to drive, so it is our hope to be a blessing to some folks; even if they promptly forget that we were there, they should have an hour of fun with some songs they've stored in long-term memory.)

Happy quilting, crafting, and rejoicing,


Missy Shay said...

Wow, 80 miles a day, is that how far you have to drive for work? I like your blocks!

Dora, the Quilter said...

I drive 40 miles each way (as do thousands of other people in our huge, rural state). It's much better than the 138 or so that I used to have to drive!

Quilting Babcia said...

Your blocks are coming along beautifully. I'm planning on trying some of these patterns with our quilt ministry group. So happy not to have a workday commute anymore, that is a long tiring commute you drive each day.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Love this quilt! I'll have to check out the website. My commute to work isn't very long but I never end up doing too much quilting after work.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The Five Fat Quarter Fun series is so great, isn't it?! Your quilt is going to be darling!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My father had Alzheimers. One of the best things was a lady who played piano, who would come and play for the residents. My father would sing along with her playing (he sand in the church choir and with a gospel quartet for decades). It was very calming for him and the others.

Michelle said...

That's a neat block -- I'm off to download the pattern!

Connie said...

That block doesn't look that easy to me, but I guess it's like all things...small steps turn into larger unique blocks. I'm delighted you are singing for people with Alhemizers, they are one of my favorites to sing and play for. Music is magical and for a while they remember and sing along or mouth the words . . . Isn't music wonderful:)

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