Monday, January 19, 2009

My Home

Harriet asked to see pictures of my home. Therefore, I decided to get back to long-fizzled blog. Then several other people asked for pictures too. So here they are.

This is a picture of the fireplace at Christmas. The poinsettias were a wonderful golden color--much better than the white ones I had ordered. Unfortunately, they were not very hearty. We ordered them to display at church until Christmas, and most of the white ones were already looking the worse for wear. They're already frozen outside, unlike in past years when we've managed to keep them for at least several months. I hope those who purchased red ones found theirs fared better.

The color of my walls isn't very clear in the picture. They are a very pale violet that's trying to be orchid, or else an orchid that's trying to be violet. I love the color!
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