Friday, January 23, 2009

Tumbleweed Heaven

This is what greeted us when we got home today. Well, it's part of what greeted us. There are countless little bundles all over the place. I remember running into a small weed as I rushed to the car this morning. Obviously, a lot of its friends joined later today! Apparently the wind conditions were just perfect for forming a congregation of tumbleweeds near my door.
I do console myself with the fact that if we had had snow instead of tumbleweeds, we might be facing another week of isolation as we did a couple of Januaries ago. Compared to snowdrifts equally as high, I think piles of tumbleweeds three+ feet high might not be so bad as they at first seemed.
Do you suppose there is anything I can afford that might entice my daughter to drag them into the empty field on the other side of the street tomorrow? Nah, probably not!

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