Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tutorial: Split 9-Patch Windmills - Second Step

5. Piece an ABA strip to each side of each BCB strip, making sure seams match. The fact that your seam allowances go in different directions will help your strips "nest" together for a good junction, usually without having to pin the fabrics at the seams.

Then slice the completed nine-patch blocks vertically and horizontally through the exact center of the block. (I use my 4"X14" or my 12.5"X12.5" Omnigrid ruler to be sure those center rows and columns measure exactly 4 inches wide and deep.)

6. Rearrange the cut blocks like this:

7. Piece three rows of three blocks like this:

8. Add four plain borders like this:

Or, piece the border with corner blocks.

Yesterday most of us pieced ours with five or six inch borders.
There can be countless variations on border treatments, and multiple borders can also work. I like wide borders because I love to quilt feathers in borders (well, frankly, I like lots of feathers everywhere).
9. The last step is to layer, quilt, and bind. (I know, that's at least three steps, quilting is my favorite.)
Instead of piecing nine twelve-inch blocks, you might prefer piecing sixteen nine-inch blocks.
I have made both sizes. I like twelve inch blocks for directional fabrics with larger "illustrations" or motifs--and some day I may use a fabric with even larger designs and cut five and a half inch pieces for fifteen inch blocks.
Happy quilting!

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Kay in NJ said...

I was just led to this tutorial and I want to say that I'm impressed. Great instructions and beautiful illustrations. And let me say that I'm a retired math/compsci/chem/phys teacher with 39 years experience so I believe I know a good lesson when I see one. You get a GOLD STAR from me! Thank you.

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