Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Split 9-Patch Windmills

Here's how much I got done at our quilting day for our Victory Quilt group. What a wonderful way to celebrate National Quilting Day!
This is the top after I pieced the border--it kind of needed a little red fence, so it got a fence and four little fenced fields.

Here are Ruth's eyes and the top she pieced. She misunderstood the aba; bcb; aba arrangement for the interior of the nine patch and used only two fabrics, so she has windmills and lovely areas for larger bits of quilting.

And here's a helpful hint for piecing not only this windmill with directional fabrics, but also almost any block pieced in sections that need to stay grouped.

I place each group of cut and pieced patches on a piece of deli paper, put another paper on top, and continue layering patches with deli paper. I can set the completed group in something like a file folder box or a basket to keep them organized as I continue sewing.

This last treat is a Victory Quilts top Ruth completed last fall before her surgery. She added fabrics around a pre-printed panel. I quilted it.

I love this quilt, partly because I would never have purchased the panel and partly because the quilting was such a joy.

You may want to click on the picture to enlarge it so you can see more of the quilting.

I love the way finishing things others have started helps me stretch my skills!

I'm working on some more masculine Victory Quilts and will post them when I get to the point where I can take photos. I should have photographed them yesterday when Pat and Alex helped me pin them for quilting, but I forgot. Sorry about that!

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