Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some of the Latest Quilts

I've been planning to post about each of the latest quilts, but I just haven't managed to get it done. Therefore, this post features a photo of each of the quilts. Later, if I can manage the time, I'll post details of each one.

Below is Ms. Judy's Card Tricks. She was disappointed that she had given one of the blocks a quarter turn and not realized it until the borders were on. I think that gives the quilt character.
(As always, you can bring up a larger photo to see quilting in more detail by right-clicking on the photo and opening it in a new tab.)

Ruth pieced this "Plains via the Southwest" and I quilted it.
Ms. Mary gave me the locomotive fabric. I pulled the blue from my "ancient stash", and paired it with clockfaces, a brown/white dot, and a bit of red.
Ms. Judy designed this quilt in EQ6, pieced it, and let me quilt it.
Ms. Judy also pieced this 30's looking quilt. She used mostly Mama's Cottons from Connecting Threads and added similar fabrics to fill it in.
This is one of the most impressive quilts Ms. Judy has pieced. It was a lot of fun to quilt, probably because it challenged me because it is so different from anything I have ever pieced. (I love quilts in this technique, but I'm too impatient to collect the fabrics.) In any case, Judy has a fabulous artist's eye, so this is a scrumptious quilt.
One of the last of the John Deere quilts.
....And probably the final John Deere quilt. The John Deere logo is scattered on the blue bandana print--so the observer has to look closely to see it. The back of this quilt is a hog fabric..such fun!
This is a violet/yellow complementary colors quilt that I started back in the '80's. I'd planned to use it when as a demonstration item in a color course I taught for Chandler's Fabrics back in the 80's before I went back to teaching special education. I loved this block; it's a replica of a block made in the Tennessee/Georgia/Alabama area that one of my students brought to class. I loved this block because apparently the original quilt maker combined a basket from a 5-patch grid with half of a LeMoyne star; that makes the basket jut out just a little from the diamonds. All these blocks were drafted from templates, each fabric piece traced by hand, and then pieced by hand (something I may never do again since there are so many more quilts I want to make). Since it will go to a Victory Quilt recipient, I'd love that person to be one who has some knowledge of what all that handwork entails. (Of course, once the quilt is dedicated, I'll find out only after the fact who the recipient is.)
And the final's one Ruth pieced and I quilted for Ms. Barbara, who is one of the supporters of our quilt ministry.

I also made quilt for my newest niece, Serenity. It has busy bunnies all over it and reminds me of some of my favorite children's books from my childhood. Alas, I forgot to take photos. Hopefully, Serenity's mama will take some and send them to me.

Now I need to get back to quilting a Victory Quilt for Ike--cowboy boots, cowboys, and broncos; then I have several more quilts on which to finish bindings.

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Katherine's Photography said...

All of these quilts are just amazing. My Serenity just loves hers. I am so excited that her Auntie can make them.

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