Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sentinals of Spring: A Flower and Strawberry Crepes

One lone narcissus. I think this one was just checking--so she could tell the others if it's safe to come out. I surely do hope so.  We live a couple of thousand feet higher than Albuquerque and where I work, and we have the added "benefit" of high winds, so it takes several more weeks to actually accomplish spring than those other areas.

Yesterday was solo and ensemble adjudication for bands from around our area.  (Be aware that our "area" is larger than quite a few entire states.)  Alex was incredibly nervous as usual.  Of course, I found myself reminding her that her value as a human being has nothing whatsoever to do with the rating she gets and that it's okay to just relax and enjoy the experience.  She was still more nervous than I'd like, but she did receive a superior rating.  She's glad the competition was yesterday because today her throat is really swollen and sore.  I think it's allergies; she really hates taking the nutritional supplements that make them less extreme.

Due to the severity of her sore throat (and the fact that the choir has the morning off), we stayed home.  I made these:
Crepes, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream.  Alex was definitely not happy about that.  She said she wanted french toast.  Too bad!  She has no idea how lucky she is to have a mom who makes crepes for her.

I use a very basic French recipe: 1 part eggs, 1 part milk, 1 part flour.  Today I used 3 eggs, 1 cup milk (whisked together); 1 cup flour, whisked into the liquid mixture until there are only a few baby lumps left. Because these were to be served with fruit, I added about a tablespoon of blue agave syrup (because it's very low glycemic) and a dash of vanilla. (Sometimes I use almond extract instead.) I then let it sit in the mixing bowl while I sliced strawberries and made whipped cream. Then I took my sweet time cooking the crepes over medium low heat.  As they finish I stack them rougher side up on a plate and separate them with Kabnet Wax tissue on my stove's warming center. (I don't think it's waxed; in the "old" days, I precut sheets of waxed paper.)
Then I lift each one to the side, still on the tissue square, and fill it, then place it on the serving plate.

If I'm making more than I'll need, I omit the sweetener and flavoring so I can stuff them with a cooked chicken/turkey and vegetable mixture later.  Those go into a baking dish until it's time to put a little extra sauce and grated cheese on top and heat in the oven for lunch.

When we used to have 10:00 or 10:30 church services, I loved cooking a real Sunday breakfast for my family.

Before she had eaten anything, Alex asked, "What's for lunch?" Having had my efforts and my crepes shunned, I replied "Whatever you fix, dear?"  (Bad mama!) I realize she's not feeling well--all the more reason not to do the pearls before swine routine today.

Instead, I think I'll go count how many flowers will be ready to burst into bloom this week.

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