Saturday, February 10, 2018

Can I Blame Busy Bee?

I made a fabric purchase today, the first one in months and months.
These are pale teal, not turquoise.

 This moring was Busy Bee Quilt Shop's annual Pajama Day Sale.  I'm pretty sure that there is evidence to indicate I can't blame them--since I'd even taken the time to stop by the shop yesterday to see if they had some fabrics to go with a project I'm planning and for which I already have the other fabrics.  I had to go get some blood drawn and the shop is very close to the lab.

The subtle prints did not photograph accurately either.

However, I did not see the Asian fabric until this morning.
Pre-shopping was a great idea since I knew exactly where to go to grab bolts.  Yesterday the owner told me a lady had come in and taken all kinds of photos to help her when she returned today.
They had two cutting tables going, and I arrived just a few minutes after eight, so the shopping experience went fairly quickly despite the number of customers.

Now, seeing these together, I may have to use something else for the planned quilt and combine these in a new quilt so they can live happily together.  We'll see.

I need to launder and iron them, and put in some time in my sewing room to get some clutter organized so I can actually sew.

We're having a very windy day, and as I sit here, I'm watching one of the cats my neighbor feeds sitting statue-like on the wall, undoubtedly hoping to convince any bird seeking shelter from the wind that he's totally harmless.  I hope he fails!

(Day 10 is not, so far, the worst day, and I'm glad the oncologist was wrong about that.  I just wish I had more energy and endrance.)

Happy quiltmaking and knitting,


Kathy said...

Very very pretty fabrics! I figured you were going to say you ordered fabric because it was a Pajama Day Sale, as in stay home in your jammies and buy fabric online. Good that you got out though and were able to combine the blood draw with a shopping trip!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Pretty fabrics!

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