Friday, July 23, 2010

The 15-88 Is Quitling!

The 15-88 is quilting beautifully, thanks to Dolly, who didn't know the feed dogs could be lowered, managed to lower them on her machine, told me how she did it, and reassured me I could do it without breaking anything.

Yes, I will be using it for Friday Night Sew-In.

We spent the afternoon in Albuquerque getting things we needed and, in the process, spending money.  Since my salary was cut by nearly a thousand dollars, thanks to the unwise decisions over the last several years of Governor Richardson and our state legislature, I'm feeling a bit sad that we have to plan and save for purchases that are wants instead of needs.  (Yes, I know I rarely mention political issues; if that comment offends you, I apologize for the offense--of course, our governor and our legislators aren't apologizing.)  However, I am grateful to have a job and insurance benefits, so.....

By the way, we've started a little yahoo group for people who use vintage and antique sewing machines for quilting and embroidery.  Let me know if you or someone you know would like to join.

Happy quilting,



Dolly said...

Wow, she's a supermodel !
My old girl may need a facelift if all the old machines look like this !

Pokey said...

That Dolly is a jewel! I'm glad she had the right answer for you.

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