Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Music Quilt Process #1

Alex's music quilt started with the two prints at the top.  Then I began collecting bright Fairy Frost fat quarters.  Then I finally got around to designing the quilt.
Had to make a run to another quilting store for more background fabrics so purchased the ones in the lower half of the picture.
Pieced a few Hole-in-the-Barndoor blocks.

Pieced a few pinwheels and a double pinwheel.

Pieced some variable stars. Also pieced a couple Savannah stars (did I forget to take a picture of those?).
 Pieced bunches of four patches.
Pieced bunches of Flying Geese.

Something tells me that regardless of how careful I am, for this quiltmaker for this quilt top a good seam ripper will be indispensable!

Happy quilting.

1 comment:

Pokey said...

These are such pretty colors with your white/black music notes! I hope you do not need to rip out too much.

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