Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do Your Quilts Whisper Their Names?

This quilt, made by my friend Judy Robinson, quilted by me on my Singer 15-88 treadle, told me her name is Cherry Vanilla Parfait.  She whispered that to me while I was quilting her.
I used some of my favorite quilting threads, Fil-Tec Glide in a soft rose and a silvery white.
Judy says she was amazed that this quilt turned out to be so serene, since the pinks are really warm.
I think it owes it's serenity to the fact that there are more vanilla blocks than cherry blocks.

I thought this pattern was one of Judy's creations, but she says it's by another designer.  I'd love to give the designer credit, if I knew who she was.  If you know, please let me know.
Tonight I'll take the quilt to Judy so she can bind it and attach a label from our Victory Quilt Ministry.

When do you know what your quilts will be named?  Judy says that, more often than not, she doesn't have a name for hers until they're completed and she's photographing them.  I tend to refer to my quilts as something generic, such "the blue and yellow rose quilt", until I'm quilting them.  That's when I hear their real name! Therefore, I've been listening for the names of Judy's quilts while I've been quilting them too; I can't bear for her beautiful quilts to have generic names; besides, when they are completed, I list them on my blog.

I now have at least a temporary/transient place to photograph my quilts.
Thanks to decades of hand quilting, I have various sizes of bars with fabric headers already attached.  I pinned this (and the last several) quilts to the bar and used a couple of pieces of cord to hang it from the light clips on one of my eaves.  The trick to this is getting it even and snapping a picture when there is no breeze.  I love this location because it has north light that makes the quilting more visible.

Happy quilting......


Karen said...

Absolutely lovely!

Janet said...

You are a legend! I'm speechless at your skill with the machine and with your treadle. Truly gorgeous work.

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