Sunday, April 15, 2012

Prayer Quilt: Song of Summer

This is one of the prayer quilts Judy passed on to me this week--it was all basted and ready to be quilted.

 I used Fil-Tec Glide thread in "Pearl".  Truthfully, the color of the pearl is so close to the cream, that either would have worked.
 It's just loaded with feathers.  I did toy with the idea of switching back and forth between pearl and a minty green thread, so I tried the green in one small portion and decided I liked the cream better. (That will make the recipient curious, won't it?)
 I quilted it on my 1936 Singer 15-88 treadle, sometimes known as "Vernice."*
 Vernice was sixteen in 1936 when she was given the treadle.  She used it for many years making clothes for her children, but she also acquired some always-electric sewing machines, that is, "machines with tails," as the members of Treadle On call them.
The backing is a red allover rose print.  I'm not sure why the color shifted to orange, and I did try, but was unsuccessful, editing it back to red.
The pearl thread really helps those feathers show up.
And here's one more attempt at the photo of the quilting--I tried to move the color out of that ugly orange range and closer to what the fabric really is.  I was partially successful, and the quilting shows up a little better.

*And, for the purists [or people with more expertise than I have], the treadle looks and acts like a Singer 15-88, but it came as a "convertible" so it could be switched back and forth between electric and treadle. I can never remember which of the numbers from 15-89 to 15-91 applies to the "convertible" model. My whole aim in acquiring it was to use it as a treadle, along with several other motors and parts I'd removed from machines that will be PPMs (people-powered machines) as long as I have them, its motor was donated to Rocky Campo, the "Sewman" for the Estancia Valley. (I do wish I had a link for him.  He retired after years and years of working for Ann Silva's Bernina in Albuquerque, and he services machines from his home, in customer's homes, and in his shop in Moriarty.  He is incredibly knowledgeable--and his two sons still service machines at Ann Silva's.)

I'm so grateful to Judy for passing these quilts on to me when I really needed some quilting therapy and none of mine were quite at that stage. I'm thinking my Sweet Spring Baby Quilt will be next.

I'm linking to some Linky parties.
Karen has her "Sew Darn Crafty" linky party beginning each Sunday.
  (And for those of you whose blogs aren't housed on Blogger, I added a Linky follow button.--I've had so much fun the last few days finding and reading quilt blogs that are new to me!)


Anonymous said...

I remain in awe of anyone who can quilt on a treadle machine and love reading about it. I doubt I'll ever do that, but as we chatted online about recently, I do plan to sew on it. I'll leave my quilting to my longarm ;D
All I can say is, You rock!

Mary said...

I am so impressed with your quilting and to find you did it on a treadle...WOW!

I have a 1910 treadle. Her name is Agnes. I do sew with her but have never tried quilting. I need more practice at each thing before I try that!

Pokey said...

You have once again amazed me with your talents. Such beautiful stitching lines, dear Dora ~

Rosemary said...

Your feathers are beautiful! I can't believe you made them on a treadle machine! You are truly talented! I need so much more practice on my machine quilting. Awesome work!

doula_char said...

try messing with the gamma levels ti turn your orange back to red.

Connie said...

Beautiful quilting on your treadle or any machine!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Lovely quilting! Need any more practice pieces?

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