Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quilting Progress, Dress Sewing Day, Winds and Tumbleweeds

Tuesday we had a sewing day to make pretty dresses for a couple of people to take to two orphanages in Africa.  I had lots of fun making pretty pockets for the dresses (after making one dress).

 I think the total of the dresses was close to two dozen, but I had to leave a little early.

 I did buy some yardage for bindings for prayer quilts, and my friend bought several more.

 I bought these for another prayer quilt.  I have to admit that I do love how soothing blue and white are.

Then Connie wanted to see some tumbleweeds.  We've had a lot of high winds.  Just .01 inch of rain in the last two months, however.  Not enough to even make puddles.
I'm linking to Connie's Blog for her LinkyTuesday.
 Normally by this time of year I've trimmed the "lawn" at least once.  This year it's still brown and we are amassing a platoon of tumble weeds along our houses and/or the edges of our properties.

 Sometimes they congregate in bigger groups.  Obviously, it's too windy to cook anything outside!

 Those two wildfires are still growing, and we pray for the firefighters, the area residents, and fire containment daily.

Judy sent this wonderful quilt home for me to quilt.  It's finished.  She has the binding at her house.
I'm linking this quilt to Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday.

The azure blue Fil-Tec Glide thread I used on this quilt was perfect--although a bit hard to see in places.

 Judy pieced the back--it is gorgeous--not these somewhat washed out colors.

 I quilted two other quilts--but forgot to take more pictures.
 The lesson from this quilt and the other one that I forgot to photograph is that if you choose to use up some fashion fabric on the back, and if that fabric is not the same weight as quilting cottons, please let the quilter know.
 I kept getting thread messes on the back of both of these quilts.  When I had to go to town, I bought Schmetz Jeans Needles in size 16 and 18.  I had to use size 18 on this quilt, but it did eliminate the thread problems.

Sweet Teen returned from the state FFA Convention with a couple of awards and immediately plunged back into activities.  She does need to get in a few hours of practice as her flute recital is late Sunday afternoon--and we haven't even begun baking for the reception afterwards.

In other good news, the rehab specialist approved an old generic medication for me to try for the vertigo from my head injury.  It WORKS!  It makes me sleepy, but I have none of the nausea or dizziness that has been challenging me for 15 months.  I just don't understand why I couldn't have tried this medication over a year ago.  Much higher quality of life now!

I'm headed back to the machines to work on more prayer quilts!

Happy quiltmaking....


Quilting Babcia said...

So good to hear your new medication is actually helping you feel better. What a wonderful blessing, so long overdue. Great quilts as always.

O'Quilts said...

wonderful news on the meds really is unbelievable that it took so long. Once the school year is over you certainly dive right in to quilting...good for you!! Tumbleweeds make me think of growing up in Phoenix. I just loved them as a kid.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Glad the generic is working. Hopefully it costs less, too. Love that batik quilt you quilted. Wish I could send you some of our rain.

Lynn said...

Better late than never on the meds! Doctors get to be so "in love" with new ones they sometimes forget others that work! Glad you are doing better, finally, and life will be easier! Love your new fabrics, I love seeing what you come up with! I'm still looking at e beauties you sent me, still thinking!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Thank you so much Dora for showing me photos of the tumbleweed. I can really see how that would be a fire hazard. What a beautiful quilt and making those little dresses is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

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