Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Piecing Update...Dots and Stripes

Still piecing the college quilt....

 Here are the new ones.  I added strips to the outside of the little Lincoln's Platform in the lower right hand corner to bring it up to the eight-inch size of the other blocks.  Originally, I'd thought I'd have both six and eight inch blocks, but I've changed my mind.

 Since I still have stacks of flying geese, I'm thinking I'll use some of them for single windmill blocks.  That won't happen to all of them because I don't have enough of some of the backgrounds since I used them in multiple blocks.

I'm working in a very different way than is usual for me.  I cut most of the fabrics into two and a half inch strips and am using triangle rulers to cut into triangles and squares as I go.  My rulers are Omnigrid rulers that I've had for a couple of decades that they don't make anymore, although I know other manufacturers makde similar ones.

Even when I've worked in this fashion before, I've worked in EQ to plan layout, how many blocks of each pattern, etc., and I'm not doing that this time.

So many of these are starting to look like candy.  I'm thinking that's appropriate since as a child Sweet Teen loved to collect candy although she liked eating it a lot less.  Every approaching holiday was preceded by cleaning out a drawer or shelf in preparation for the next collection!  I'm thinking this quilt will last longer than those bags of candy.

We've had three days of amazingly low temperatures and enough clouds to make me homesick for the Smoky Mountains,  Lots of moisture in the air; not so much reaching the ground.

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A lot of pretty things have been posted ahead of me.  Enjoy.

Happy quiltmaking,


Anonymous said...

Your blocks are so pretty.

Glinda ♥ said...

Such lovely blocks, Dora - really like your fabric choices :)

Esther Aliu said...

Yes I thought of candy too! These are so bright and attractive, what a fabulous quilt these will make!

Pokey said...

Won't this be a bright spot for a college room! I love that you are mixing the blocks, it will be a visual happy spot to see!

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