Saturday, May 9, 2015

Finding Time

Actually, I'm not finding time....However, I'm grateful to have friends who have asked if I've disappeared.  I do apologize for appearing to disappear.

No quilting has happened for several weeks.  Last month I did get to a lovely show where I made two purchases:

 These tools are a purple-ish violet, but the camera chose blue, and I wasn't able to edit the photo to make the color closer to reality.  These were purchased from Lumenaris. I had contacted Lumenaris ahead of time asking them to please bring me some violet colored tools.  I got to the show two or three hours before it closed the first day, and these two were the ones that were left. These are wonderful tools!  I did buy the extra stiletto tip for the screwdriver set so that I can have both the stiletto and seam ripper at hand.

The show was for sewing, quilting, and crafting and was mostly vendors with a few of the vendors classes thrown in.
 I also got more of this miracle fabric to cover a new rectangular ironing surface I want to make.  They do sell completely finished ironing board covers.  I made my first purchase from them quite a few years ago and would hate to have to go back to a regular ironing surface.  Those of you who prefer pretty ironing covers from quilt related cottons would still enjoy these.  You can put a pretty cotton cover on top of a cover made of this fabric, and it would still reflect most of the heat.  It is lovely to be able to have beautiful pressing without having irons at their highest temperature.  Goodness knows irons aren't built to get really hot anymore. This fabric counters some of that.

Some quilty items are wonderful investments and this is definitely near the top of my list.

I've done no quilting at all since our prayer quilt dedication at church in early April.  I'm overwhelmed with school stuff.  However, I hope to post photos of all the prayer quilts soon.

I purchased a new-to-me car just over two weeks ago.  Before I had it two weeks, I parked at the grocery store next to an end curb.  Someone intentionally ran a grocery basket into that small space, rammed it with great force into my car multiple times, did side damage and front bumper damage--$2200 worth.  The owner of the body shop said there is a lot of this going on and that I personally wasn't targeted.  But I'm wondering if someone saw the temporary permit we have to post in the back window until the license plate arrives and then targeted my car.  Ugly stuff.  So, Monday I have to take it to collision repair and pick up a rental.  I just dread the whole thing.

Right now I also have a lot of friends and relatives dealing with unpleasant health issues--which kind of tells me I need to be taking time to quilt.  There's also yard work to be done since we've had a lot of wind and tumbleweeds love to travel through and park in our yards on this street.  But every time I set aside time to do that we get another storm.  My school year will be over in two weeks, so I'm hopeful that I'll soon be able to let more quiltmaking be my therapy.

Time for some deep breaths!

Happy quiltmaking,.....


Beth Strand said...

So glad to see you back and so sorry about your car!

O'Quilts said...

Goodness...I thought you had run away from home. Sorry about the sorry stuff.

Missy Shay said...

our school ends Friday, it's been pretty busy here too.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Hopefully the school year is over by now. Having a retired teacher as a mother, I understand what you go thru. We planned our wedding around our teacher mother's school schedule, so that they wouldn't be stressed more than necessary. My MIL just thanked me for that again, after 27 years. Sorry about the car. People just don't seem to care about other people anymore. Our generation was taught better than that. Looks like great tools, and lots of lovely prayer quilts (2 weeks of posts).

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