Saturday, January 23, 2016

January Friday Night Sewing

I've been trying to snatch minutes to piece and quilt and have been almost notoriously unsuccessful.
Last night I worked on these:

I started these at last Saturday's Victory Prayer Quilts sewing morning, and tried to grab a few minutes during the week in the evening to work on them.  However, since I really lacked energy, most of the sewing was done last night.

These are pieced from 10" squares with a quick cutting method that produces a negative and positive block if there is a lot of contrast in the fabrics.

The fruit and veggie fabrics are from a Riley Blake line, if I remember, and were inspired because for years the College Girl has been telling me to make some food-themed prayer quilts for guys "because guys always like food" and because I seldom get inspired by "guy fabrics."

The floral blocks are leftovers from some other prayer quilts and a layer cake that was a big disappointment because I'd ordered it expecting purer colors.  With rare exceptions, peachy pinks are not appealing to me (or on me).  I realized a few months ago that in addition to my being allergic to most orange flowers, my parents often dressed me in orange tones, which were the opposite of flattering with my skin tones.  Seems somewhat comical now.

 We've had a bit of snowmelt since our storms, but probably more evaporation.  There's a crust over the top of the snow, which means it's slowly being absorbed by the earth, and that's a good thing.

With the big snow storms hitting the East this week, I hope all the quilters have plenty of fabric, thread, and, if they lose power, a working treadle machine and a source of supplemental light.

I linked to a Friday night Sew-In earlier this week, then updated my computer (which took hours and hours over the course of a couple of days), and resulted in the link being lost.  So if you've come here from that site, please leave me a comment so I can post the link.

Happy quiltmaking and knitting,


Karen's Korner said...

Love that block. I will have to check it out for future. Those fruit and veggies look good enough to eat.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful blocks!! Love the veges!! Visiting from Friday Night sew in...was so good you got lots done.

Maria said...

WOW sew many blocks you got sewn together..

O'Quilts said...

Hi Dora...glad you are sewing..oh how I wish I had a treadle machine. I have five machines and no treadle...Oh, well...we kept power and that is a good thing. My new machine is a 1973 Singer..I have not had time to use it yet. I see that the foot pedal is screwed to the side of the cabinet..guess she used it as a knee pedal...exciting. My friends have already got the $10 worth by looking it over...very fun. Sun out here in Charlotte, but it will freeze tonight making it hard to get out of the driveway for school for the kids...take care..keep sewing..xxoo Diane

Theresa said...

You sewn quite a few blocks! Fabrics are pretty.

Janet said...

Nice block! I like the effect of the food fabrics together.

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