Saturday, February 6, 2016

Chop, Chop, Sew

I decided today should be a quilting and pajama day.
I worked on the fruits and vegetables.  I had planned to piece at least one block each day this week, but that did not happen.

My daughter suggested years ago that since I have a difficult time enjoying a lot of the colors that make more masculine quilts that I should buy fabric with fruits and vegetable because "all men like food."

Today I reached block 12, cut some sashing, cornerstones, and borders, and have a small quilt top finished.

I pieced it on my Necchi treadle.

 I do love the gentle "music" of a treadle sewing machine, although I was listening to Frank Ticheli music for concert band.

I couldn't find a print I liked for the sashing and the border, so I pulled a black solid from my stash.  It should provide a great space for fun quilting.....whenever I manage to get to it. I need to check at church and see if we have anything in our fabric supply that would work for backing.

My favorite blocks are the carrots and onions, which is interesting because I don't usually like those colors and I usually eat them only in soup.

This evening a woman in one of our local FB groups was looking for someone to make a quilt that would be "not too expensive" and she'd buy the material.  She'll probably find someone who will volunteer. I wouldn't. I know I have at least twelve hours in this top.  I'm certain she wouldn't be willing to pay even $10 per hour. I confess I don't understand the women who sell their quiltmaking services for less than minimum wage.

Happy quiltmaking and knitting,...


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My sister in law asked me why I don't make quilts and sell them. I started 'pricing' a quilt I'd made for her daughter (fabric, supplies, time, etc). I asked her if she'd buy a quilt for x$ when she could get something (cheap) at Walmart instead. Now she understands what goes into her families 'gifts' from me. She found me a cool hand crank after that.

Quilting Babcia said...

Bright deep colors, I love your quilt top! Of course those are the colors I'd use by choice anyway, lol! I don't plan to ever sell quilts either, for just the reasons you mention. If I felt I "had" to go into the sewing room to work on a quilt, the fun and anticipation would disappear quickly.

O'Quilts said...

Glad you have a happy quilting pajama veggie day.

People ask me daily to sew for them. I always say NO. Well what do you do with your quilts? I give them away. Well then could you make one for me? I will pay you. No, I say. You could never pay me enough. No one understands. They think I am quirky, They are right, I am.

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