Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gone Fishing--A Prayer Quilt

I think Ruth created this pretty little prayer quilt.  I had fun quilting it with a lot of new improvised quilting designs.

She chose wonderful fabrics that made quilting this even more fun.  We're trying to get quilts finished for an upcoming prayer quilt blessing.

Weather:  I'm starting to think that the purpose of thunder is to taunt us about rain that will fall elsewhere (not at my house) or will evaporate before it hits the ground (virga).  In the last several days I've heard a few drops hit the skylight.  I'm thinking a huge percentage of New Mexico's rains are three inch rains--drops three inches apart and lasting no more than three minutes.  I'm kind of hoping our luck will change!

Happy quiltmaking......,


Ol Poop said...

I like the idea of different designs in the quilting. I think it adds interest to the quilt. I’ve still been mending jeans on my treadle Singer 319, but I did get a chance to fiddle with our Singer 96-40 treadle set up for FMQ (darning foot and no feed dog). The reason that it began missing stitches was due to the thread check spring on the upper tension. It had gotten damaged and out of its track, and wasn’t releasing thread tension for the hook to catch the loop. A small seemingly insignificant item can sure foul up the works!

I’m hoping you get some rain soon. We went through a 4-year drought here a couple of years ago, so I can identify with your frustration.

CD in Oklahoma

Cheryl Warren said...

Lovely quilting on a lovely quilt!

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