Thursday, February 8, 2018

Back to Quiltmaking?

I finally went into my sewing room to consider what to piece or quilt next--for the first time since my December 29 surgery.  Decision--didn't make one that had anything to do with quiltmaking.  Sorry.

A lot has happened since that sugery, and, as a result, I've decided to start a second blog.  So many people have been affected by cancer, and I'm thinking the most injured of them do not want to read about anyone's cancer adventures on a quilting or knitting blog.  I'll let you know when that one is up and running.

A summary of what has happened in the meantime:
The cancer was identified as ovarian: endometroid, Stage IIb, so the outlook is good.
Healing from surgery was slower than I would have liked.
I realized I could not continue to serve kids, including sick kids, when my immune system will be wiped out due to chemo.
My new school graciously accepted my resignation--although I feel like I've left them much too soon.
I've had a port implanted for chemo and had my first treatment a week ago. The current plan is for six treatments three weeks apart as long as the blood tests come back with acceptable results.
If we can maintain that schedule, my final treatment will be two days before my Engineer receives her master's degree.
This entire journey has seen only a couple of downers the entire time, and I've received more blessings than I can count, faster than I can write them down.
My first retirement check should arrive about March 1, and my daughter and I are all set up for the new insurance coverage to kick in.

So, no new quiltmaking decisions firmed up yet, but I'm ready to immerse myself in color very, very soon.

When I post to the new blog, I'll post links on this blog and FaceBook. The first post is here:

Happy Quiltmaking and Knitting,


Quilting Babcia said...

Dora, Prayers and all good wishes to you as you embark on your chemo treatments. As a 20 year survivor I can tell you the very best thing you can do for yourself right now is to surround yourself with positive cheerful people and those things that bring peace and happiness to your soul. Our quilt ministry will be praying for you and hope you will be feeling up to resuming your own quilting very soon. Please continue to keep your blogging friends posted.

O'Quilts said...

no no...add your feelings to this blog..why do another...The difference between Instagram and Blogging is substance in making friends and knowing the whole take anyway... You have always had courage...I learned some of it from you...My opinion anyway xo

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Prayers and hugs Dora, I didn't realize this had happened to you. I remember when my mom had colon was a difficult time. I'm glad to hear that the outlook is good for you. I would just keep blogging here.

Auntie Em said...

Sending you good thoughts for the very best outcome as you go through treatment.

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