Saturday, February 12, 2011

Le Soleil d'Hiver - Report 5

A lot more quilting has been done--although there is still lots more to be done. I do find it amazing that although my feet are very busy treadling, it's so easy to forget that my feet and legs are almost as busy as my hands and eyes.
 I love the way the yellow Michael Miller Fairy Frost looks when quilted and when it is photographed.

 Another thing I love about these Lake House fabrics is that they look as if they've been painted with delicate lines of pearls--how perfect for a Chinese inspired fabric!
 This is what I came up with for quilting the long printed panels.  I was thinking feathers, but completed it's more like a blend of feathers and seashells.
Below are photos of several sections of the back of the quilt since sometimes that's where the quilting shows up best. The first photo is of feather/seashells on the back of the panels.
 Although I used very fine thread for the stabilization, for the quilting I'm using Fil-Tec Glide, a sunny gold on top and a pearly white in the bobbin.
 And I do love this class 15 treadle and its lovely high capacity bobbins.

I'm guessing that if I were still hand quilting, I'd be lucky to have finished one of the star blocks in a day of quilting.  These are taking about 20 minutes each--and all 15 are done.
We were fortunate to have sunshine today, but since my sewing studio catches only morning sun, I can say with certainty that this quilt does produce the feeling of the winter sun.  I'm thinking that even in warmer weather the balance of the blues and yellows will echo the sensation of cooler sunny days.

And to think that 10 days or so I had no idea this quilt would look like this......

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And remember that you can see more details if you right click on any photo and open it in a larger view in another tab or another window.


Vicki said...

The quilt is coming along great! Right now, sunshine, in any form, is welcome!

lw said...

I wish I could see this one in person, it is turning out great!

Connie said...

Dora, your quilting is absolutely gorgeous!

Val said...

I am amazed at this quilt and your quilting is just beautiful. I love your pictures.

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