Sunday, February 6, 2011

Update #1 - Le Soleil d'Hiver

Struggled most of the day yesterday getting the really simple border and backing done.

Instead of the medium blue, I wanted to use a rich Kona blue--but I've either misplaced it or used it for something else.

For the backing I used a stripe that looks a lot like a French ticking, only it's closer to broadcloth weight. I liked the idea of using that for a quilt with a French name.

I still had to add some yellow and blue patches to widen it. That yellow "bump" above is a little appliqued sunshine heart.

Then I couldn't find the batting I wanted to use. So I pulled out another piece (same brand, but I'd used part of it), tossed it into the dryer to flatten. Left it stretched over the sofa all night. Now it's almost 3:00 p.m. and I need to get it layered and basted so I can stabilize it and start quilting, the fun part.I do love the borders on this quilt--they have a kind of primitive/spontaneous look. I was remembering an antique red and white quilt that I haven't seem for years. This is the second time I've attempted this and now realize that the antique quilt must have had five borders instead of three--so I'll try that another time.

Sweet Teen is heading out to a Super Bowl party with the extended family of one of her friends in a little while. My plan is to quilt and try to avoid thoughts of early rising and long commutes to school tomorrow. (She has two more days off since her school had already scheduled a professional development day and a day for parent conferences.)

If you're not into football and would like to watch a movie, may I suggest "Second Hand Lions" (2003).  My daughter pulled out the DVD this weekend, and I realized that it is one of my favorite movies.  Only thing it lacked was a treadle sewing machine to hem up the old guys' overalls.

I'm telling myself to just do what I have to do--because I am so very grateful for the days I had to be good to myself and for my home-made quilting retreat.

Stay warm, dry, and safe, friends.


em's scrapbag said...

Second hand Lions is one of my favorites also. Your quilt is looking great. Love what you did to widen the back.

Dolly said...

Well, we are thankful for a few days break, especially when you were sick to boot !
Enjoy the quilting.

lw said...

I love how this is coming out. It's the kind of quilt that makes you want to redecorate to showcase it.

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