Monday, January 21, 2013

Travelling Bag for My Featherweight

Over the last few years I have purchased several insulated cooler bags (shoulder bags) that looked like they would be perfect for transporting my Featherweight when I take it to quiltmaking gatherings.  Each time I would bring the bag home and discover there was one tiny measurement that was inadequate.

Friday night, when I woke up in the night and was thinking about  Saturday's Victory Quilt meeting, it occurred to me that about 4.5 years ago, we purchased a rolling cooler for our long summer trips.

 It fits!
 The sewing machine, foot feed, and the base of my thread stand fit comfortably in the main compartment. (I sat the machine on a terry cloth towel to make it easier to lift in and out.)
 Beneath the top lid is an insulated compartment that perfectly holds my tools.
The little striped tin box holds scissors, needles, rotary cutter, etc., a cone of thread, my extension cord folded into an old paper towel cardboard core, a bobbin box, and a role of rubberized shelf lining to keep the sewing machine from slipping on the table and a piece to keep the foot control from slipping around on the floor.
It also has a pocket on the front that would hold more tools (I stuck in a box of green tea).
This is a wheeled cart with extendable handle, so it makes getting from the house to the car and the car into the building a much easier trek.  Of course, I did have to go back for a second trip to bring in the cutting mat and my rulers. I transport my rulers in a large see-through zippered bag that I think originally contained a duvet--so it's long enough for my 24-inch ruler as well as a variety of smaller ones.

And to think I've had the container just sitting in the utility room.  It's going to be getting a lot more use.

One more goodie: Courtesy of Fiber Obsessive, here's a link to faux piped binding 
I'm glad to see it since another post I used to refer people to was removed from the web.

Happy quiltmaking.....


Pokey said...

That is a perfect sewing caddy! My friend Beth uses the same thing, much cheaper that at the quilt shops, and just as good ~

Cindy Sharp said...

Awesome! I love finding uses for things that they were not intended for. Well done you.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Oh my GOSH thank you so much for posting a link. I had tried to find that several weeks ago.
It's pinned now!
Have a great week.

Cyn said...

Way to re-purpose, Dora! Love your new machine trolly! Clever.

Mary said...

Congratulations! I am still looking for the perfect bag for mine.

Thanks for the link. I have never seen binding like that. I intend to try it soon. Pinned it.

Annemiek said...

Jumped in from the Yahoo FW forum to check out your bag (very clever btw) and as i was already here, I also checked your tutorials. Wow..those quilted feathers are amazing. I'm a handquilter, simply because i can't seem to master the machinequilting thing. You inspired me to start a new attempt, and begin practising again...

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