Saturday, January 17, 2015

AQA Albuquerque 2015 - a New Mexico Quilter

One of the things I did love about the AQS Albuquerque quilt show was seeing some quilts made by New Mexicans.

 Looks like I moved the camera when I took this photo, but I love what she did with this quilt.  These are definitely colors that speak to me and reflect fabrics that I've had in my collection for nearly 25 years!

I love the colors of the threads she used to quilt this.

I went looking for her on the web but didn't find a blog.  I did find her on Pinterest.
In any case, if you know Becky Denham of Farmington, NM, let her know I loved her quilt and am glad it made it into the show!

Happy quiltmaking....and knitting,

1 comment:

DragonPoodle said...

I'm glad you got to go to this show. I am always longing to return to Albuquerque (spent a week there once years ago) and have homemade tortillas and carne adovada for breakfast. It'll probably never happen, though!

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