Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Not Harriet's Fault--a Future Quilt

I could blame part of this on Harriet...

 She phoned and told me to order these when Missouri Star Quilts had Elenore Burns "Zoey" on sale.
However, I'd been eyeing this fabric for a Dora Quilt since I first saw it last fall, and I'd been home to see the Daily Deal, so I'd already placed an order.  I always love it when fabrics arrive and are even more beautiful than they looked on line.

No, I have not decided how it will be made and am willing to let them age for just a few weeks while I finish some Victory Prayer Quilts.

Then, today, after picking these up at the post office, I stopped by Bethel Thrift Store and found this little jewel of a pillow case.  I love how the main part of the design was created with hem-stitching.  I'm thinking this will take almost no time to embroider in a beautiful thread to match the Zoey fabric.
And, if I can't find some tatted lace in my stash of lace I've created in the past, it will take much, much longer to create an edging.

I always wonder if people just lost interest in finishing a pair of pillow cases or if something happened that prevented it.  More often than not, when I come across finished pillow cases, there is only one.  However, I know from growing up on the farm that the guy's pillow case often wore out first. Let's face it, I'm so blessed by single pillow cases that I seldom feel sad that I don't have the pair.

And in reference to the farm where I grew up, today our little town looks much like many of those flat Midwestern prairie towns. We were expecting snow today, but the prediction has changed--so we are just socked in with clouds so that although we are surrounded by mountains, none are visible.  The prediction is for frozen fog--which can be amazingly beautiful if it freezes on the vegetation.  If it does, I'll venture out to take photos! Since it's twenty degrees warmer here than it is in El Paso, IL, for the time being I am quite happy to take that along with the 6000 feet higher altitude and almost 1200 miles farther southwest.

My daughter did return to college yesterday--I was able to knit on a pair of socks while she drove.  We stopped at a little restaurant in Mountainair  called Alpine Alley for a delicious sandwich, and were disappointed that the new bakery was not open. The restaurant is cozy and homey, and if I lived closer, I'd have to round up some knitting friends for a sandwich and knitting. It was a beautiful drive because the roads were clear but there was still snow from last weekend, even in areas that seldom get the benefit of moisture.

I was happy to get back home shortly after dark, work on a quilt, and start my Downton Abbey Mystery Knit Along shawl while I watched the show on PBS.  However, I made some errors and will have rip it out and start over--that's okay, because I do love the colors.

Happy quiltmaking and knitting...,


Needled Mom said...

That fabric is so pretty. Great colors!

Stay warm!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Beautiful fabric! We're getting some snow and lots of cold temps up here in the Northeast. I stayed in and sewed today! I don't mind the weather at all!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a beautiful pillow case!
And the snow...oh how I envy you.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Harriet has good taste for beautiful fabric!

Maybe it was her that told me to order the daily deal today from Missouri Star quilts. It was free patterns for only $5 shipping!

Sew on ~ ~ ~

bunbear said...

when my grandma passed away i found two pillowcases in her sewing basket that just needed the seams sewn and they were ready for use! right down to the crocheted edge! we have so many pillows on our bed that there is no way i could get all the pillowcases to match, so i don't even try anymore. and i refuse to go out and buy 8 matching pillowcases for one set of sheets. try and stay warm down there - it's 4 degrees here in illinois with a windchill of 19 below. brrr!

Missy Shay said...

I love that fabric!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

That pillowcase is great. I love to find things like that.

O'Quilts said...

nice comfy post, just what I need now...sweet girl driving while you knit, pillowcase, fabric in the mail, weather to sew in and pictures of your area..hugs

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