Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yes, I Treadle a ZigZag Sewing Machine

I was asked for photos of my zigzag machine in a treadle.  Here they are:
 The treadle cabinet and irons came with my first treadle sewing machine, a 1919 Singer 66.
This machine is a Necchi BU manufactured in Italy in 1951 or 52.  I did have to enlarge the mounting holes with a 9/32" drill bit--took less than a minute.  The footprint of the machine was exactly the same as most Singers, so I was able to use the belt plate to the right of the machine that came on the Singer.
(By the way, I don't use the threads shown on the machine.  I'm using the thread on the thread stand behind the machine, and the spools are just there to guide the thread. The spool pin doily under the left spool is actually a window shade pull from the mid 20th century.  And the beautiful little spoon handle is attached to a real spoon one of my dear friends gave me that has a commercial doily, polyester stuffing, and a beautiful piece of fabric creating a wonderful pin cushion.)

 Close up of the needle positioner, the stitch width control, and the stitch length control.
Yes, this machine has been well loved and well used throughout its decades of existence.

When I removed the motor, I put a magnet over its hole since I didn't have a cover.  (I guess I should get a bigger magnet.)  The purpose of the magnet was to prevent anything from falling inside and to help keep the oil from drying out so quickly, since I live in a desert (although, all the snow outside right now kind of belies that fact!)

This is my favorite machine.  No, wait, all my others are my favorites too.  How could I possible choose just one?!  It would be like limiting myself to a single musical note--not pretty at all and much more boring!

Happy quiltmaking....and knitting,


Missy Shay said...

I admit that I have to use my tailed machine when I make clothes so I can have a zig zag stitch. I really want a serger.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Nice machine. I have a Necchi Supernova, but, I've been really bad, and I've never even cleaned it up and tried it out (I got it, then had to leave for TX, twice, for my FIL's by-pass surgery and recovery). When I finally got home, it was Thanksgiving and.... one of these days....

Angela said...

I love this. I have a Singer 66 treadle that was my great-grandmother's, but it needs some work. I'm saving that as a project for when my kids finally get out of the house:)

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