Sunday, December 27, 2015

Snowy Sunday

This was a few hours ago.  The winds are bringing more horizontal snow and are still moving around what has fallen.  I-40 remains closed for many miles--and many miles of other other roads are closed or dangerous. We are still within the "Blizzard Zone."

The pharmacist at Smith's texted me that a prescription has been filled.  I will not pick that one up today.

I still haven't read my new magazines--but I'm getting some fabrics, including scraps, moved around.  I hope to finish some binding.  I may start sewing some leftover patches from other quilts together.

Stay warm, dry, and pleasantly occupied, everyone.....

This is the NM Roads map as of 8:15 this evening.  However, it hasn't been updated.  I-40 is closed across the entire state--and I'm guessing there are more closed roads.


Missy Shay said...

Wow, we usually have snow by now, but it has been so warm, we have only gotten rain and flooding.

Kathy said...

No snow here in my area of western New York State yet, and I don't miss it. But it's cold! Twenty seven degrees. I just got back from the grocery with fixins for chicken soup cuz hubby is sick. Forgot to wear gloves so my fingers were very very cold (I walked there). Warming up now with a cup of coffee and getting the blood circulating in my fingers by typing this comment :)
Sounds like you have a good amount of stuff to keep you busy while you are snowed in.

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