Saturday, March 20, 2010

Results of March Friday Night Sew In

Admittedly, for me it turned out to be a Friday Night Cut In, because I didn't get to sew--I didn't even finish the cutting until this morning.
I chopped these four-patches up.  This morning I've been piecing the blue and yellow April Cornell Mariposa ones.  I made a prayer quilt from a couple fabrics from this line and a jelly roll.  When I had a chance to buy a couple more prints from this line a some time later, I jumped at the chance.

The two quilts in the front are a wonderful contrast to all the snow and ice.  Although I-40  closed for hours, Alex and I were able to use it when we tried to dash to the next town in time to mail a prayer quilt to TN.--because our local post office made us wait in line for 20 minutes so they could let us know they had no envelopes. We made it to the next town in time to pick up envelopes, but it was two minutes too late to get it in the road.  I could cry!  (It's for a young woman with two children who will get about her metastatic cancer.  I wanted it to be there to comfort her the same day.)

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