Sunday, March 28, 2010

Singer 99 - Again

It was gray when I brought it home, but now that I've cleaned it up it's black.
One of the things that drew me to this machine the first time I saw it a year ago was its domed wooden case--because it was so much like my mother's sewing machine.  However, hers was a full size class 15 and this is a 3/4 size 99.
This case has been abused.  I've cleaned it, but I have not sanded off any of the paint splotches.

I remember my mom's case, and I even remember this metal piece inside:

I do not remember why it is there or what its purpose was.
The veneer is coming loose in a couple of places, and this corner is coming apart.  I think it must have sat in water at some point.

I wonder why there is a hole in the front of the box.......

I wonder about the point of the hole in the lid to the box.....

And I certainly wonder how the wheel became damaged in this pattern....

The tire on the bobbin winder was so large that it created too much pressure for the wheel to turn.  I replaced it with a smaller one--but it still rubs--so I'm going to have to figure out what size it really needs.  Fortunately, I can use my 66 Redhead to wind bobbins.

Ah, bobbins...they were another interesting feature.  Several came with the machine, all with thread.  I removed anywhere from 7 to 14 different colors from each bobbin.

Oh, if these old machines could only talk!  I'm wondering if all the different threads on the bobbins means it was used mostly for repairs.  The cord from the motor to the outlet has been replaced with a nice white one--but from a time before polarized plugs were the norm.

Now I want to use it--but the motor is making a rattle noise and I haven't found a place on the motor to add motor lubricant (grease).

Always an adventure.......

P. S. : I was asked what I used to clean the krinkle finish: just a paper towel swished in some water with dishwashing detergent.  Then I wiped it down with another wet paper towel.

P.P.S:  Here's some more information about this machine, information given to my by someone on the Vintage Singer list:
"...the metal lid on the right side of the machine should cover an electrical unit which operated a knee control.  The hole in the front on the wooden case is where the knee control was inserted into the control motor (?).  The hole in the rear of the metal lid  close to the motor was where the wire ran from the motor to the knee control unit."


Jay in Nebraska said...

99's used to come with knee control, and it would be inserted where that hole is at.


Deborah said...

I can't believe how much darker it looks from the cleaning.

Lori in South Dakota said...

I KNEW someone else would know the hole was for a knee bar, and the clips inside the lid was for a foot pedal to store it. You can't beat an old singer, and Cindy gives GREAT service!

Michelle said...

There is a screw above the bobbin winding mechanism. I can see it in the photo. If you loosen that screw, you can move the whole mechanism away from the machine a little bit, and that should give you the proper clearance to wind your bobbin. See if that helps. I love it when people adopt vintage machines and save them from who knows what.

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