Monday, March 1, 2010


This is what greeted us this morning.
Snow, ice, and fog.

You can tell everyone, including the people who are employed by radio and television, are tired of winter.  I drove over nearly 20 miles of iced-over interstate.  The only notice our weather received was a mention by the traffic reporter that there was fog in the next community west of here.  There was a lot more fog than that.  I was grateful to have more that 100 feet of visibility, and even more grateful when I reached the point where there was no more fog--although there was still plenty of ice.
Once I reached the other side of the highest hill between here and Albuquerque, there was nothing to suggest the weather that lay east of the Sandias.

Yes, we're weary of winter--but it was beautiful this morning!
Happy quilting...

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