Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thin, thin, thin!

Saturday Alex's band performed for the adjudicators in Rio Rancho.  She was not pleased with their rating, but she loves the concert uniform--black satin floor-length formals for the girls.
Her dress is size 0--and had never been hemmed, and was required to be hemmed by hand.  I was grateful I'd spent years making all my own clothes--as well as grateful that I no longer do that.  Because of the flared hemline and the fact that it has a five inch hem, it was not fun to do.  
When she returned, I asked her how it compared to the other girls dresses. She said, "It was great.  The other girls dresses were hemmed in red and purple, and colors like that!"  Interesting....
For my part, I was really glad to have it hemmed--I've been allergic to polyester for decades, but because I've stayed away from it, I'd more or less forgotten how I reacted to a several hour exposure of handling it.

(Unlike my daughter, I was larger than a size 0 by the time I was in third grade--not that they had size 0 back then!)

1 comment:

Pokey said...

Alex looks beautiful, despite the giant hem!
Listen there are so many non-sewing households, I would not have been surprised to hear that some hems were done with staples and scotch tape!

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