Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blog Lovin?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

 With Google Reader going away, I'm going to give Bloglovin a try.  (I already like the way it displays the blogs I like to read.)

I put a "Follow this blog with Bloglovin" button over on the right to make this easier for you.  However, if you are converting from Google Reader, you can just have Bloglovin import all the blogs you already follow--which makes following your favorite blogs even easier.

Alternatives: I've been following some blogs with "Feedburner," and I have a link to that in my side bar.  However, while I follow some blogs with it, I don't like that when I get an e-mail that there is a new post on a favorite blog, notification often comes a day or more after the post. In addition, the posts from a variety of blogs are announced like this:

when in fact the posts are from someone else's blog--or the blogs of several other people.

The sad part is that unless people choose to select the "follow this blog with Bloglovin" button on the sidebar, when blogger gets rid of Google Reader, we'll also have no followers. Yes, Blogger has made the whole follower thing difficult for months now.  One of the nice things about Bloglovin is that we can follow lots and lots of blogs.  Some of the bloggers I like to follow don't post really often, and I don't want to miss their posts when they do post; it looks like Bloglovin will let me follow a lot more blogs too.

Taking a deep breath while I see how things will work out.

Happy quiltmaking.....

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I don't know if I use Google reader. When I 'follow' a blog, I have 2 choices, Add from URL, or Import from Google Reader. I always use the first option. Maybe this won't affect me. What a pain, especially not knowing or hearing anything. Let us know how you like it, after you've tried it a bit.

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