Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Working on Quick Prayer Quilt

I'm going to piece a happy little prayer quilt today so I can use it for some quilting practice.
Here's the plan:

A few decades ago when I first began quilting this block was called "Indian Hatchet," a name I really didn't like.  My feelings were probably the result of watching too many cowboy and Indian movies.
Lately I've seen it called X and O's. I think this quilt is going to look more like Life-Savers.

This quilt needs the following:
ten medium red blocks with green corners
ten dark red blocks with orange corners
eight green blocks with red corners
eight green blocks with orange corners
for a total of 36 blocks.

I'm cutting all my fabrics from some fat quarters that have been lying around waiting for a bright moment, so I'll begin by cutting my red and green fabrics into five-inch squares.  I'm going to place a 2.5 inch square on two opposite corners of each block and seam the small squares by stitching diagonally across the center. So I'll need the following 2.5 inch squares:
20 green
36 orange
16 red

I'm cutting the inner orange border 2.5 inches wide, and the outer red border will be cut 6.5 inches wide.

I'm definitely not an orange fan.  I like orange juice and orange marmalade, but since I'm not part of the 12% of women who look good in orange, I certainly don't like to wear it.  Back when I was living in a teacherage, my unit had bright orange cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen.  Took me quite a while to figure out why I felt angry by the time I finished cooking. I finally painted them white and enjoyed cooking again!  As I looked at this orange fat quarter, I realized that if I combined that print with massive amounts of white I could probably handle it.

So, I'm off to cut and piece, and then I'll decide how I feel about these fabrics that I purchased on a whim and probably should have left for another bargain shopper!

Below, you'll see Mary Lane Brown's comment calling this "Road to Tennessee," which is what she called her pattern with smaller corner pieces (cut two inches, finishing at 1.5 inches) when published in the Moda Bake Shop.  Her pattern is HERE.

I put this on my blog because my printer is out of black ink; now I can pull it up on Sweet Teen's i-pad as I work on it.

Happy quiltmaking......


Mary said...

I have seen this block called "Road to Tennessee" which has less negative connotations than Indian Hatchet. I do like using the old names though...I hate when us new quilters pretend we reinvented the wheel.

I love orange and green so I love your plan. Now I am wondering if I am in the 12% because as pale as I am, I do like to wear orange!

Quilting Babcia said...

In my younger years I wore a fair amount of orange. I think you'll love this when you get it worked up and quilted, the orange will just blend right in. You can just pretend it's burnt yellow! I hope you're feeling better today.

O'Quilts said...

So that is just what I finished, called Hugs and easy to do and so effective. I have found that sewing fixes everything and I do not even have a medical degree...hope things are better for you!!

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