Sunday, July 12, 2015

Stolen Quilt Art - Scam Alert

From time to time, some of us learn that our quilt art is being stolen.
Please refer to the linked Blogpost of Jackie Morris for information so you can follow up on what may have been stolen from you.
Wallpart, the company stealing images and selling posters of them is located in Russia.  A blogging friend recently posted about how many blog hits she was getting from Russia, and I pointed out that I always worry when that happens since there truly are not that many readers of quilt blogs there.  Please read Jackie's post and make an effort to protect yourself.  Searching Wallpart's site is difficult; when I tried to do so, they reported 875 quilt images, posted only a few on each page, and would not let me search beyond page 3.  They are marketing many poor quality images; they do not honor copyright.

Just a heads up, friends.

Happy quiltmaking.

1 comment:

andsewon said...

I could not get past page 5. So no idea out of posted 800+ images could be any of mine. Short of filing a complaint and signing the petitions not much seems left to do. hope I did not pick up any malware!!!!

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